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Thursday, January 28, 2010

See What "The Fabulous Finds" Review Panel Just Reviewed!

Today some of the women on My Review panel had the opportunity to test and write about My Gym Trainer Created by LeAura Alderson and Jill Coleman MS,ACSM,cPT Please take the time and go check them out on their site. They are a true inspiration and motivator. I wish them much success with this venture. Thank You for giving "The Fabulous Finds" review panel the opportunity to use your products...

Reviewed by: Linda Simón,VA
My Trainer 1

Packaging – Beautiful, sturdy, heavy, durable notebook geared for females. Subject Matter, lots of great info, circuits, stretches, photos, time schedule, diet journal, models, plastic coded to take into gym.

Design – Attractive and marketed to women

Usability – easy to use, allows you to keep consistent with your workouts. Understandable, clear, explicit directions

4. Emotion I felt at first glance?

Cute, big book, wanted to get started

5. Things I liked?

All of it.

6. Things I disliked?

I don’t use a gym and don’t have the machines. I work out with videos and walking outside. Maybe think about developing another book for non-gym going people – different market sample type of book.

Reviewed by: Heather /Owner The Fabulous Finds,CT

I too reviewed My Gym Trainer 2
I spent a ton of money on a personnel trainer who would put together cards for me to take to the gym. I liked the system because I worked alone and followed each routine exactly how it was laid out for me.. After discovering My Gym Trainer, I realized I don't need to spend a fortune to get the same results. These cards are amazing they lay everything out for you. It gives you goals,rest days, how to set your treadmill incline ,time etc, what days you work on Upper/Lower Body.. I love it. I also like that they have created different levels.. They have a book geared for every fitness level.

These programs are geared for the gym though. I no longer belong to a gym. A lot of my workouts are at home or outside. I would agree with Linda.. They would have a larger market if they had books that catered to the non -gym goer..I did use the section that has treadmill exercises and some upper and lower body workouts using my home equipment. I would love to have a series of books geared for the non-gym goer though. I love the information,pictures the fact the cards are removable etc... Way to go girls keep me posted if new series are coming.. Amazing and truly Fabulous! For anyone that's headed to the Gym. You need to own these books...

Reviewed by: Vanessa,GA
My Gym Trainer 2

is a book for the woman who goes to the gym regularly and is wanting some trainer-designed workouts to enhance her exercise routines. Unfortunately (for my body), I am not that woman. I USED to be that workout woman in college when I was on my school's swim team, but these days, the only workout I get is from toting my three-year-old up and down the stairs 20 times a day and an occasional session on the elliptical machine in our garage. But IF I were that woman, I would love this book.

It's a binder containing 4-8 weeks of laminated individual workout cards that are easily removed--perfect for taking into the gym with you. Each card contains either an easy- to-follow weight training, cardio, or core workout. I especially like that each card contains a photograph of the correct way to perform each exercise. These images are in color and are clearly labeled, so there is no wondering as to what "flat bench chest fly" or "bench dip" means. The cardio workouts make use of the exercise bike, the treadmill, and the elliptical trainer. Even though I don't get to the gym (and thus have no access to weight machines, I can do the elliptical routines and also any of the weight training routines involving dumbbells (we have those in our garage, too!)

Along with the detailed workouts, there are various informational sections that give you guidance on stretching, nutrition, and an explanation of the benefits of high intensity interval training. I like the extra information because it adds to the overall fitness program. Even though, I am only using parts of this program, I am receiving health benefits. Now instead of my usual "get on the machine and go till I stop" plan, I have something structured to follow that will give my body better results.

Reviewed by: Melinda,ID

My Gym Trainer 3
I am very impressed with My Gym Trainer 3. For someone who enjoys exercise, I love the way it has a different workout every day, targeting different areas each day. I also love that it has tips and facts throughout the book. The pictures are very helpful and the core workouts seem challenging but achievable. I would use this product with a few of my own variations. One downfall is that it can be very difficult to get to the gym 6 days a week. It would also be helpful to have a few examples of meal ideas and types of foods
that should be eaten with each workout day. Overall, the My Gym Trainer seems like a great tool to help tone and achieve a peak fitness level and I am excited to see the results!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check Out Old Navy's Activewear... Love Them!

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Tori Spelling, Kourtney Kardashian are kicking off the New Year in style with Old Navy’s new activewear line.

Old Navy’s new activewear collection features the latest performance fabrics in new colors, styles and patterns, all under $30!

Old Navy Activewear:

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Monday, January 25, 2010

You Go Girl! Pole walking all the Fitness Craze..


Walking Poles Balance Walking

Foot Solutions Chung Shi shoes.. The best of the best..

Katie McCatty:

"I've struggled with my weight since I was a kid, but I've finally found
success with a system that works for me - and fits into my busy lifestyle.
I've recently lost 80 pounds and am working to maintain my weight loss. I
discovered Balance Walking when looking for a new form of exercise - and I
love it!

Here's what I'm doing: around noon daily, I make time after lunch to meet up
with a friend, take my dog, or go by myself for a walk. It's amazing -
Balance Walking turns a regular walk into a full body workout by adding
Nordic Walking poles and specially designed rocker sole shoes. Bringing the
upper body into the workout it's a huge bonus as in the same 15 minutes I
can burn almost twice as many calories. And I can do it while I'm
socializing with my girlfriends.

Sometimes it is hard to set aside fifteen minutes in the day but the reward
is so gratifying I make sure to fit it into my schedule. Because it is more
intense, even when using brief walking sessions I still receive weight loss

Before my scheduled "me time" I was dragging by late afternoon and out of
energy when the kids got home from school. But by allowing this time for
myself, I feel rejuvenated and ready for anything. It is as though I went
from starting strong and fizzling out, to getting two fresh starts in one
day. I tackle some morning errands, take a "Balance Walking Break for ME!"
and then am refueled for my afternoon tasks. Now that I know what I was
missing now I make my "me time" a top priority." Katie McCatty, Orland Park,

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Fantasy Jewelry Box

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Globe Looks For Less When it comes to hair "Goody" is the way to go..

Match the Hair accessories with the actresses...

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2. January Jones wore a bold black satin ribbon to hold her beautiful blonde hair in place. To get this modern edge try the Goody Midnight Glamour Charmed Romance Headband. It brings allure and romance to life.

3. Olivia Wilde turned up the heat as she strolled down the red carpet. For her sophisticated and hip high ponytail try the Goody Colour Collection Ponytail Holders. These color-conscious hair ties are designed to match your unique color for the perfect blend of fashion and function!

4.Maggie Gyllenhaal was pretty in pink with a casual bun to complete the look. Get this stylish updo with the Goody Ouchless Bobby Pins. They are double crimped for secure hold and feature Comfort-Tips to relieve stress of putting in and taking out bobby pins
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Getting in shape? This company is a must!

As I am starting my Fitness week. I wanted to start by sharing a company with you ,that I feel ROCKS!.. Athleta is their name and I think they raise the bar pretty high for amazing fitness clothes, active wear and accessories. They have tapped into every activity that all women can try.. Yoga,Run/Walk,Hike,Gym/Training,Ski/Snowboarding,Swim/Surf/Paddle,Golf,Tennis and even offers the best for those triathlon beauties.. They were recently taken over by the Gap corp. I highly recommend this company to every women out there.. I love the attached skirt Capri workout pant ( see above).. I am also a huge fan of the running pant. The jewelry is to die for ,earthy and yummy and I love the different shoe styles they offer.. Check them out... I highly recommend.. 5 stars..