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Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gifts for the women in your life 2009

Wrapadoos.. Luxury for your hair.. I must say I love the concept and feel this makes for a great gift for Women & Girls. This product is created to be wrapped around wet or dry hair to create a little indulgence. The best part about this product is No more towel flopping around or putting my head upside down to wrap an enormous bath towel around my head. Reason being it's so darn heavy it unravels and falls off. The wrapadoo stays on with a Velcro closure and secures with a little bling that we all need in our life LOL! Founder and Creator Cynthia Saito created this product after so many challenges we face with wet hair.. Coming out of the bath,shower,pool wherever. A fabulous Luxurious product that will sure please every women and child on your list.. WRAPADOOS

Luminess Air.. Amazing and a must this holiday season. You can have the look of a professional. I love this. I used mineral makeup for years and after discovering this I won't go back to brushes and messes on my counter top. This is an innovative way to apply your makeup at home without the high price point of a salon. A couple of drops to your stylus turn on and you are good to go. I love that it covers any imperfection and after it's applied you can't tell you have any makeup on. Luminess air gives a natural look to any skin tone. They offer a makeup club and a tanning section on their site. This makes an excellent gift. Highly recommend.. LUMINESS AIR

Stella & Dot.. This makes for a perfect gift. I own this ring in ivory and get so many compliments on it. This would be great for the holidays or a night on the town. Black and silver enamel compliment the crystal inlay on the petals. Love this ring,at $44 this is a steal.. Comes in Ivory or black. check them out STELLA&DOT

Kiss my Face.. I love this company. The price of their products are incredible. The best part they are all Natural Organic and will NEVER test on animals. They just came out with these Natural shimmer sheer lip glosses. I like the how easy they glide on and at $7.00 you won't feel guilty when you buy 2 or 3.. Not like the big departments stores who charge between $18-$25. Craziness. I think these glosses are top notch and make for a great gift for your friends,Family and easy to stuff in a stocking. They offer these shimmers in an assortment of colors. One sure to please everyone on your list.. These would be great teacher gifts too.. Love it! KISSMYFACE

Flud watches.. White is it for the season.. I love white watches. They stand out they make a statement and there fun. This watch is called Negative space. It tells time like no other. Offers a 4-function custom negative space movement. The band is so light made out of polycarbonate with a ceramic finish. I love the simplicity of it. Very easy to tell time.. At $85 this makes for a very happy girl on your list.. Check out their other styles. For the music love in your family they have turntables,boomboxes they also have a watch that looks like a score board. FLUDWATCHES

Diva Girl.. This game is Diva fun.. Great for a girls night out. The object is collect the most Diva Dollars.. This is better than Bunco.. You can have prizes and food ,add some pink boas, high heels (Slippers) be creative. This will be the talk of the neighborhood. perfect gift for anyone..DIVAGIRL

She's Got Papers.. Love these handmade creations.. Created by a mom who loves to express herself thru her work. I love the smooches Notecards. These make a great gift. She also offers kids business cards,Thank Yous,Invites and more..SHE'SGOTPAPERS

I love this book. Written by: Julie Edelman. Hysterically funny. The way she writes is humorous. She gets to the point of cleaning and says it like it is. I love that no holds barred. She has a creative way of guiding you to a cleaner home.She also has a section in her book called United Stains of America.. People from all over the country have given tips on how to remove certain stains.. Example: Alaska: Salmon with Dill oil stain or Oregon: Blackberries Dye stain.. You will love this book. Chock full of info and you will get a kick out of every page.

Brian Nagourney fresh water pearl stacking bracelets. Another great and different gift. Not your typical pearl bracelet. The pearls are all unique and this new Creation by Brian stands out. I love these because of the versatility. They can be worn dressed up or casual. The design of Fresh water pearl,macrame and coral creates a conversation piece on your wrist. You can wear just one or add a few they truly make for a special gift. Brian offers many other styles from necklaces to earrings. Check them out. BRIANNAGOURNEY

Love,Love these. Now you can have a little humor when you workout. These Towels all come with a different and fun saying to keep you motivated. Whether you headed to the gym,tennis court or soccer game these towels make a great gift. I love the sayings "C" for crunches not cookies, I am not an immovable object,"Squat is a four letter word.. Very fun. makes for a good stocking stuffer or a gift for your workout buddy. I love these.. only $8 Created by an etsy artist..WORDSTOSWEATBY

Fit in clouds..Creative way to go from heels at the office to flats after work. Comfort for your feet that fits in your purse. I love these. Very comfy and a perfect way to end your day. These make for easy travel. light and fits in their own little pouch. They come in many colors from black to silver and of course gold as shown. amazing price from $18-$24 love these. Perfect gift..FITINCLOUDS

Talk about shoes.. These are amazing and the real deal. So many companies now are trying to hop on the market of tightening you butt and trimming your thighs.. The real McCoy is Chung Shi ( means: Rest and Movement) German owned. The patented sole technology provides a massaging effect while walking or standing.The heel/toe design helps support your feet that improves body alignment,stress reduction and reduces shock to the spine. Burns calories,builds muscles and so much more. This is a must for anyone.. I love them and would only buy this brand. They have won several awards and have been seen on many.many celebrities. Check them out..CHUNG-SHI

Elemental Memories.. Great gift for moms.. I love the photo tile and the stamped mom charm.Lisa Laverty is the designer and she truly has an eye for capturing the gift of family. I love her pieces. She offers Sterling,Gold,Necklaces,Bracelets even gifts for men. Check out her site EM-JEWELRY

Return to Beauty By: Narine Nikogosian I am all about finding a good book to read this one is a must..Creating skin and hair products from items you have at home or can easily get at the grocery store. Narine talks about how it hydrates your skin and creates shine to you hair. I love that each area has a recipe. Here are some examples: Normal-to Dry skin Almond Cooler Cleanser. Almonds are an anti-inflammatory.. This will soften and soothe skin.

1/4 cup Almond milk

2 tbs Pureed Cucumber

1 teaspoon salt

combine ingredients and mix well

Apply to warm washcloth and use every morning and evening.. Rinse with warm water. Amazing skin that will glow..Nadine has also added in her book your sign it's meaning about you and what your body needs to stay healthy. This book is a great read and full of important information about your body. Check it out at BORDERSBOOKS

This is such a fun company. I love fun socks.. My kids love fun socks. This makes for a great gift. Very different and creative. Sock grams offers so many styles you will never get bored. I wore Turkeys on Thanksgiving Gobble.. So stinking cute. The quality is like no other. I also love the packaging and you can have a gift card enclosed. Create a sock of the month and have a pair delivered every month be creative. Check them out at: SOCKGRAMS

O.K. ladies this is sure to please. Instead of your regular book club.. Try story club. You get together with friends and create stories based on the cards picked. You will have so much fun. Not your typical Club.. I think more fun.. Plus you create together. Your friends,sister,mom will love to receive this..STORYCLUBGAMES

More Gifts To Come... Eco Friendly, For Cooks and Entertaining/Hostess COMING SOON!

Friday, November 20, 2009

HOILIDAY Guide For Kids and Babies 2009

Bearhands These are super fun and keeps your hands toasty. They are made of fleece and thinsulate lined also offer a hands free opening while still keeping the mittens on. FABULOUS! They come in many colors they are sure to be a hit. I must say these are fun and comfy cozy. I love this company. My son has the tan paw mittens and he wears them around the house pretending to be a bear. We hear a lot of rrroars in our house They bring on imagination as well as keep hands warm.. A must for the cold that is coming soon. I hope.. Check them out and see all of the other fun items they have to offer. BEARHANDS

Love this.. I have a daughter who loves crafts. There isn't a day that goes by when I am not stepping on beads or picking up colored pencils.. Project of the month club is a life saver. My kids love to get things in the mail and they love to get the mail for that matter. So how great is it to have a craft delivered every month to your house. The projects they offer are birdhouses,step stools,pillows, jewelry boxes to name a few. They also have grouped them by age so you can choose what category fits with you child. They offer 1,3,6 even 12 month memberships. This makes a great gift.. Check them out at Project Of The Month Club

This is great for girls.. Finally a SECURE way for them to social network with friends. We have the BFF version and my daughters love it. They plug in a code so they can see each others sites. they add photos etc.. Did you know that 25% of girls ages 9-17 are on social networking sites.. The Secret Circle is your answer. This creates private communities with their friends NOT strangers. We get these for gifts and it's a way for my kids to connect with their friends while online. Your child has the option to have a private section so Friends can't read what she wrote.. Good for journaling. I love this and highly recommend it. You can purchase it at shopjustice

Pillow Pets.. These are super soft and cuddly. My son keeps his closed on the bed during the day and opens it up at night to create the soft pillow. Talk about a great gift.. I think these are perfect for all ages. I put my head on it and I have to tell you pure enjoyment.. LOL. I love these. They offer an assortment of friends.. From bumble bees to polar bears. Check out their site and grab up a few. They will be a hit. Pillow Pets On TV

This one is exciting to talk about.. Again.. Going back to imagination and creativity. Kids write books offers a child the chance to write and illustrate their own book and then have it made into a real book. Kids show their creativity in so many ways and this is such a great idea. I have so many notebooks in my house with drawings and stories.. English is one of my kids favorite subject and story telling is on the top of that list.. I am all about this company. Can't wait to have my kids make one..Who knows maybe you'll see it a Barnes and Noble..( I would love That wink!) This surely beats the video games they have on their list.. Please go over and check out KIDSWRITEBOOKS

Flicklets. A creative mom designed these fun charms for eye and sunglasses for kids. What a great way to have you child wear their glasses. I know it's a chore sometimes for them to wear them, When I was young I wore glasses. I would have liked to have had this available to me as a kid.. I love the concept and the many,many designs to choose from. These make a great stocking stuffer.. Check them out FICKLETS

Zen-Baby. This DVD,CD is a must if you have a baby or are expecting or know someone who's expecting then this is a must on your holiday list. This is by far the most soothing tape I've watched. The images and and whimsical sounds of nature it's a pure and soothing adventure sure to ease and calm your child. This company has been seen in many magazines and won awards. I highly recommend it.. I am sending a copy to my friend who just had a baby boy last week.. She will no HE will love it.. ZEN-BABY

OH! These fuzzing adorable sound making critters..They are called Yoohoo and Friends and they are sure to please. They come in so many different varieties.. the eyes are what make me smile.. My daughters literally giggle at them..I think they are just fun. They have their own world that your kids can explore in yoohooauroraworld Created by Aurora. They can be purchased at Amazon

Zipfy {Zip-Fee} Sled.. Well by looking at the picture you can see that it's candy to a child's eye. Like a Candy bowl these sleds are going to be wanted by every child. In our back yard we have the best hill for sledding and it's a prefect size for them to go up and down. This sled zips.. Like a mini luge your child can glide and cut into the snow.. A pure joy for the little devils.. The best part these aren't just for kids ,adults too can enjoy riding on them, Not going to go over well with your kids so an excuse for you to purchase one for yourself.. Made of durable plastic with a lever to control turns etc.. I highly recommend this. you can find it at ZIPFY

You've been Sentenced By: McNeill Designs.. Love this.. Great for older kids to adult This card game takes imagination and the more creative you are the more points you earn.. Make crazy fun sentence sure to please. The more cards to use to build your sentence the better chance you have of winning the game.. So much fun. Plus it's a great tool for kids to use their noggin.. Offers different category sets sold separately. Highly recommend Purchase at AMAZON

I am all about supporting women who have a business of handmade goods.. I love this line.. It reminds me of Oilily.. A high end children's clothing line.. I love her colors and patterns she uses. Her bibs are adorable as well as her sets. These make for a great gift at an exceptional price point. Very happy to have her as part of the holiday guide. LOLAMIREN

Hexbug Nano. These are hot for this holiday season. I can see why. They are crazy little bug like robots that zoom around the floor and they drive my dog crazy, by the way..Very entertaining to watch.. I have an active 5 year old and he loves to sit and play with these. They come in so many different designs. They have habitats, you can play games online etc.. The possibilities are endless. Check them out add them to your list your kids will love them. HEXBUGNANO

Baby K Tan.. Great natural cotton carrier with a duel design that works great for twins.. You can wear this carrier in so many ways. I feel it's the trendiest chic way way to wear your carrier/sling . Parent invented with parents in mind.. Love that. Check out their colors and other parent invented products on their site.. Highly recommend.. Love it.

Babba Cover.. Another creative design from a creative mom.This is a great protective cover for your child's car seat. Great to shield from the outdoor elements rain,snow,cold.. Plus great protection when those little eyes get heavy.. makes nap time a little darker.. Love it.. So many designs to choose from. I like the BeepBeep snuggle fleece.. check them out BabbaCover

WOW another great art set.. Eye Can Art offers 5 different art projects in each can. Your child can create Printmaking,Wax drawings etc. Another creative thing for your child to create. They also offer group tins which are perfect for groups such as a birthday parties. Check them out EyeCanArt

Oh Plah.. This is another mom invented creation.. WOW us women are just amazing at creating things that make sense.. We should all pat ourselves on the back.. This product is a must if you have a little one that is cutting teeth. The BPA,PHTHALATES and PVC free mommy bracelet/teether. Great concept.. How many times is your child grabbing something from you? Necklace,Ring Bracelet to get in their mouth.. We are left with slobbery body parts.. This bracelet can be easily removed and your child can chew on it to relieve those sore gums.. Come in different colors and can be worn even on a moms day out very chic and fun..Check them out..ROUNDHOUSE
Belle Blu Designs so stinkin cute. Dog onsie and burp cloths. I love the fabric she uses and the softness of the cotton. This makes for a great gift for all the animal lovers out there.. So fun! Check out Bella Blu Designs

Scribble Press.. Another amazing and creative gift.. I am one of those parents who has a ton of artwork from my kids. Some are framed and others are waiting to be framed but there is so many. I am one that will never throw any of their pieces away. So the solution.. Scribble press. I can take their artwork and have a book made. I think this makes for an amazing gift. great for grandparents, your desk at work a coffee table book.. How amazed would your child be knowing they have an art book filled with their drawings.. Goose bumps are what I have right now.. I love it.. A must for anyone with kids... 10 Thumbs up....SCRIBBLEPRESS

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday and Loving it!

Well.. It's been pure craziness at The Fabulous Finds. I have been putting together all my holiday gift picks. I have received hundreds of pitches and have found some Fabulous products from ice cream to design your own trail mix. I am so excited to share these with you. I hope this makes shopping easier. I made sure to find things that will WOW your friends,co-worker,hostess spouse,kids,college student etc. Stay Tuned Next week I will start to add in my picks. I am going to have a questionnaire to what you think is the best gift..I want to see what your kids,parents,spouse are asking for.. Please leave me comment. I would love to hear..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Future designers this one's for you FABULOUS!

Fashion Playtes.. Creative and one of a kind..Designed by a stay at home mom who loved to sew as a kid along side her talented mom, came up with concept after watching her own daughter have a love for design and creating.. Soon after Fashion Playtes came to the computer world. What is it you ask? Well a play land for girls of all ages to create and design their own clothes that can then be purchased and shipped to them. FABULOUS!
They get to choose from tops,skirts,dresses and more and then click on colors,ribbons,appliques,ruffles,patches OH the possibilities are endless. They even get to design their own clothing label. My daughters love it. I think it's great for them to use their creative flair. They designed L/S T's and they can't wait to get them in the mail.
This will make a great holiday gift. By purchasing a Gift Certificate you can add joy to your little Fashionista. Not your ordinary gift, a true runway show stopper. So what are you waiting for.. Tell your daughter,niece,cousin,Granddaughter about this Fabulous Find. Go over Leave Sarah a message tell her she is Fabulous.. Please follow up with comment and how you would rate this site. Tell me 1 star for poor and 5 for amazing.. I LOVE FEEDBACK.


Fashion Playtes is offering one Lucky winner a $50.00 Gift certificate to shop and create amazing one of a kind fashions.

Please check out there site,Leave a comment with a rating 1 for poor thru 5 for amazing. Tell me what you would make and last follow this site and spread the word..